Aged 4 to 14?

Please click the button below to add a prospective new member to our Waiting List. Make sure you read the information below first.

Please be aware we are heavily over subscribed and our capacity is limited by the number of regular volunteers. Voluteering with one of our sections is a good way to help your child get a space. Please see the Waiting List Policy for full information.

Key Info
* Prospective members must be at least 4 years old when they are signed up.
* Before signing up please review our Waiting List Policy. By signing your child up to our waiting list, you are giving consent for us to hold relevant data in line with our Privacy Notice - you may request this data is removed at any time by contacting us.
* After signing up you should get email confirmation, please get in touch if that doesn’t happen. We don’t routinely give updates on positions within the waiting list, so don’t be alarmed if we don’t contact you quickly otherwise.
* For any questions please contact

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We experienced a partial loss of data on our waiting list in 2020 due to an incomplete transition between systems - if you signed up before this date, it may be necessary to complete our waiting list form again. Please get in touch if you might have been affected by this or you aren’t sure whether your child is on our waiting list.

Aged 14 to 18?

We accept a small number of youth members aged 14 to 18 to take part in our young leaders scheme, supporting with regular evenings, camps and events. Not only does it help build your skills, it’s also great fun! Plus, it can be a great way to complete the volunteering sections of your Duke of Edinburgh Award.

To find out more, please email

We are not directly affiliated with any Explorer Units, the Scout Associaton’s section for 14 to 18 year olds. For more information about nearby Explorer Units, visit the South London Scouts website.

Aged 18+?

Each week, our volunteers help young people gain skills for life through activities and adventures.

Your time and skills can make a difference in so many ways - no previous experience required!

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